Born in 1985 in Brasov, she lives and works in Arad. She gatuated from the University of Arts and Design Timişoara, Painting Department and has a PHD in Visual Arts.


“In my paintings I strive to create an eerie world, born of the delicate equilibrium between the individual and the natural. Elements of the trajectory of my personal history are placed in a new context in an originality feminine, contemporary manner. The works become new evoking realities, spaces endowed with strongly personal notes, mysterious narrations about to unravel. I believe that animals and the objects we use in our day to day life may become gates, openings helping us to gain access to our own humanity. I try my best to be analytical, but at the same time empathetic in the search of the origins of what make us human.

My work is a sort of collection, an ensemble of tendencies, memories, some conscious and others unconscious, formed as far back as childhood on the basis of social and family experiences, which determined my own personal forming. I make reference to different fields, according to what I have experienced.”

Date and place of birth:


2016 – PHD in Painting, Visual Arts and Design Faculty, Timisoara

2010 – Master of Arts, ”Painting, Sources and Resources of Image’’, Visual Arts and Design Faculty (prof. Carol David) Timişoara, Romania

2008 –  Bachelor of Arts, Painting (prof. Carol David ), Visual Arts and Design Faculty, Timişoara, Romania

2004 – Visual Arts Highschool, Decoratif Art, Braşov, Romania

Solo exhibitions:

2023 – Meet my snakes – echoes of a distant heritage, Alfa Gallery Arad

2018 – Missing Taughts, Atelier 030202, Bucharest

2016 – Organic memories – MAG Gallery, Como, Italy

2015 – Melancholy – Museum of Art Arad

2013 – Unconscious live – Machina Gallery, Rieti, Italy

2011 – Visions of Revery, Calina Art Gallery, Timişoara

Selected group exhibitions:

2023 N̶e̶w̶ ̶P̶a̶i̶n̶t̶i̶n̶g̶s̶ – Group show @ Șelari 13, Bucharest

2023- Group 21, “FORMA”, National Art Gallery, Deva

2022- MAFA- Media Art Festival Arad 2022, Museum Complex, Arad

2021 – Arad Contemporary Art Biennale, Delta Gallery, Arad

2020 –BIRD’S EYE VIEW Arad Art Museum

2019- E la nave va, Arad Art Museum

2019 – Teba Libre, TEBA Arad 

2018 – Media Art Festival, Museum of Natural Sciences Arad

2018 – Woman, all to woman, Timişoara Museum of Art

2018 – Contemporary Art Symposium Gărâna 2017, Calpe Gallery Timişoara

2018 – Art Camp Arad 2017, Casa Artelor Gallery, Timisoara

2017 – Media Art Festival Arad, Cinema Arta Arad

2017 – Art Encounters, Biennale of Contemporary Art

2017 – In Large Lines // Sketchbooks, Balamuc Loc de joaca, Timisoara

2017 – Art Camp Arad 2017, Art Museum Arad

2016 – 5 of Új Kriterion Gallery, UNAGaleria and the Hungarian Institute  from Bucharest

2016 – Contemporary Art Symposium Gărâna 2016 – Calpe Gallery Timişoara

2016 – No Man’s Land, NAG, Residence Scena 9, Bucharest

2016 – NAG – White Night of Arad Galleries, Open Workshop

2016 – Jaures, maudite soit la guerre !, Gentioux, France

2016 – R.E.M.X– National Museum of Contemporary Art Bucharest

2015 – R.E.M.X-Media Art Festival Arad, Artencounters, Mixed Shop- Atrium Mall Arad

2015 – Arad Budapest Art, Gallery IX-XI, Budapest

2015 – Arad Biennale of Contemporary Art, Delta Gallery, Arad

2014 – The paper brick – Delta Gallery, Arad

2014 – Berliner Liste, the International Fair of contemporary  Art, Berlin

2014 – Doctoral Gala, Pygmalion Hall, Timişoara

2014 – Group 21, UAP Delta Gallery

2014 – Arad – Berlin, Arad Art Museum

2014 – Arad Annual Art Gallery, Delta Gallery

2013 – Imago Mundi, L’Arte dell’Umanita’Casa dei Carraresi, Treviso, Italy

2013 – Red Bull Curates-Bucharest, Historic Center Bucharest

2013 – Arad Annual Art Gallery, UAP Delta Gallery

2013 – Grup 21, Delta Gallery, Arad

2012 – The Annual Art Saloon Arad, Delta Gallery

2011 – Contemporary Art Biennial, Arad Art Museum

2011 – Come with me to the birch tree garden, Art Museum  Timişoara

2011 – The Annual Art Saloon, Delta Gallery, Arad

2011 – Bazar 001, KF – unconventional space

2010 –  Young Artists of Arad – Exhibition in Pecs, Hungary

2010 – Painting exhibition, Sources and Resources of Image in Contemporary Art, Halele Timco, Timişoara

2010 – Contact 2, Arad Art Museum

2010 – The Annual Art Saloon, Delta Gallery, Arad

2010 – AXE, Arad Art Museum

2009 – Arad Contemporary Art Biennale,  Delta Gallery Arad

2009  – Contact, Arad Art Museum

2009 – G21 Reloaded , UAP Gallery Deva

2009 – Grup 21,  Delta Gallery Arad

2009 – The Winter Art Saloon, Delta Gallery, Arad

2008  –  Painting exchibition,  Clio Gallery, Arad

2008 – Grup 21, Delta Gallery Arad

2008 – The Spring Art Saloon, Delta Gallery Arad

2007 – Art in progress,  Europe Gallery Braşov

2007 – Salonul de Iarna,  Braşov Art Musseum

2006 – Cocktail, Art Club, Timişoara